Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Selfie Challenge

One of my fiber art group challenges for this year was to create a self-portrait from a Selfie, using any technique method - our choice, the finished work to measure 11" x 14".

I began with a color photo (fig. 1).  In Paintshop Pro, I went to greyscale (fig. 2) and then decreased color saturation (my computer said the greyscale version consisted of 254 grey colors) to two colors -  black and white (fig. 3).  I worked it up in black and white cotton.  I added a little grey to change up the bottom of the composition, keeping it as simple and graphic as I could.  I quilted it with 100 wt. silk and 40 wt. cotton thread.  I loved doing this so much I wanted to do the whole family.  My next selfie work using the same photo will be a color fabric collage.  This will be like painting with fabric so it will be a lot trickier.

                                                 fig. 1

                                               fig. 2

                                                fig. 3

Selfie             11" x 14"                              fig. 4

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