Tuesday, May 17, 2016

UFO Finished 2016

My first finished UFO for 2016 was inspired by the second Gee's Bend exhibit at the MFA Houston several years ago.  A child-size table and chairs were provided to children to play and create after viewing the exhibit.  Matboard and varying sizes and colors of tape were provided for this creative effort.  I sat down with the kids and created a design (Fig. 1).  This became the quilt top (work-in-progress) shown in Fig. 2 and the finished quilt, as yet untitled - Fig. 3.

Gee's Bend Quilter's often created what they called a housetop block which was a variation on a traditional log-cabin block.  I used it as a border around an improvised pieced work.  My idea at the time was sort of an oxymoron, Containing Volatility  - Fig. 4.  Friend, Mary Ann Littlejohn, is using this quilt top for practice on her long-arm quilting machine.  I am excited to see what she does with it.

Tape Design                           Fig. 1

 Work-in-Progress                                          Fig. 2

Untitled                                                           Fig. 3

Containing Volatility                                   Fig. 4

Sunday, May 1, 2016

BAFA Meeting May

The Beaumont Area Fiber Artists met the last Saturday in April.  The design exercise was another positive/ negative-type exercise called Notan, a Japanese word meaning Light/Dark  (See Fig. 1-3).  Mine was was grouped around my UFO block from our group UFO work/block exchange (Block by Melissa Tweedel) due in August.  See Fig. 4.  Susan added another border to her Border Class work-in-progress and attended a Big Block class.  I showed my Minion quilt work-in-progress.  Fig. 5-6.

Susan Cornell - Fig. 1

Dot Collins                                                Fig. 2

Beth Mayer - Fig. 3

Connie                                                   Fig. 4

Susan Cornell  Another border                 Fig. 5

Susan Cornell Big Block Class                 Fig. 6

Minions for Elizabeth WIP         Fig. 7

BAFA April Meeting

BAFA members met in April.  Our design exercise was one by Susie Monday.  We were to pretend we were an animal, making the sounds of the animal, then collage a paper interpretation.  We also created a foam-plate stamp and rubber stamp to use on our collage (See Fig. 1).  Sylvia showed her positive/negative design exercise from the previous month (Fig. 2) 

Show and tell was impressive as always.  Dot showed her thread trash work (Fig. 3-4), one of them worked on a base I began and never finished.  I showed my thread trash scarf (Fig. 5).  Various Classwork and other work-in-progress was shown - Sylvia's portrait of her nieces (Fig. 6), Susan's work from online classes (Fig. 7-9).  Members, Dot, Jerry and Kathy showed classwork from a Shibori workshop with Debby Maddy (Fig. 10-14).

Susie Monday Design Exercise                    Fig. 1

Positive/Negative Space              Fig. 2

Classwork-Dot Collins                              Fig. 3

Classwork-Dot Collins           Fig. 4

Thread Trash Scarf-Connie                        Fig. 5

Work in Progress-Sylvia                            Fig. 6

Classwork in Progress-Susan                       Fig. 7

Classwork-Susan                                            Fig.8

Classwork-Susan                                  Fig. 9

Fig. 10

Fig. 11

Fig. 12

Fig. 13

Fig. 14