Sunday, April 19, 2015

SAQA Donation 2015

I thought I would never get this year's donation piece for SAQA finished.  In trying to photograph various steps in the creative process, I learned it was not easy to stop mid-stream to "take a picture" and was, in fact, a big challenge.  I can't complain though because it is now ready for its tripod, no flash photo, hanging sleeve and shipment to SAQA for inclusion in this year's fundraiser.  Hooray!

It began with an uninspired drawing - too still of a Still (Figure 1).  I knew it was not going to make it.  Critics from Fibervoices art quilt group agreed and suggested a new perspective for better visual interest.  I went back to the drawing board, changing up the scale and view, keeping the elements I liked while discarding those I didn't (Figure 2).  I began assembling materials (Figure 3).  I decided to use a painted fabric I created using texture stamps, corrugated cardboard and my own tile-stripped wall (thanks to a kitchen remodel) as inspiration for the design of the fabric (Figure 4).  I loved the energy of this created fabric which I thought would be a nice contrast to everything else.  I  made my quilt sandwich then would use my own cartoon drawing to place fabric design elements into place (Figure 5).  Pinned down, I free-motion quilted them to the sandwich (Figure 6).  I used Tsukineko ink to create shadows and highlights where needed (Figure 7).  After all design elements and background were quilted, I did a light Gesso wash over the top of the textured background to lighten it and enhance the black thread-stitched outline of flower and leaves (Figure 8).  I satin-stitched the edges using stabilizer to eliminate puckering-while-stitching then pulled it away from the back when done (Figure 9).  See finished work - Friendly Gesture (Figure 10).

 Initial Cartoon Drawing                         Figure 1

Back to the Drawing Board Success        Figure 2

 The Wall                                                    Figure 3

                                     Some Materials Used                                 Figure 4                                     

 Quilt Sandwich                                     Figure 5

Placing Design Elements                  Figure 6

Adding Shadows                    Figure 7

Thinned Gesso Wash             Figure 8

  Remove Stabilizer on Satin-Stitched Edge -  Figure 9

Friendly Gesture                                    Figure 10