Monday, September 29, 2014

September Beach Retreat 2014

At last week's beach retreat with some of the girls from FiberVoices, I worked entirely out of my scrap basket, hoping to reduce it from heaped and over-flowing to half-full.  I finished one I started in February - Home Spun  (Fig. 1).  A few "fix-its" - backwards "N" and color tweaks (using paint) and it will be ready to quilt.  Quilt consists of old blocks, new blocks and antique blocks never used and a girl block created years ago in a Roberta Horton class at quilt festival.  I don't think mine turned out like it was supposed to.  It now features a skirt made from left-over, pieced wedge-ruler work created by friend, Nikki Strimpel, the scraps of which she gave to me.  Connie's Block (Fig. 2) used small pieced triangle bits left over from I-don't-know-what and wee hexagons, both hand appliqued.  I will do a table runner as there are only three blocks and a left-over half-block.  The scrap basket?  It is now level with the brim...maybe I just repacked it better...LOL! 

 Home Spun               35" x 56"     Fig. 1
Scrap Basket Block  10"x12"                     Fig. 2

Monday, September 15, 2014

UFO's 2014

It was my goal this year to have four UFO's completed.  I did finally stitch down a binding on a really, really, very, very old project...a Robyn Pandolph kit project from the 90's ( Fig.1).  I used the then very popular but grey, valueless colors available (I used to call them no-color, color).  I don't remember when I finished the quilt top.  Diane Anderson of Quilter's Cabin did a wonderful job machine quilting it several years ago and I am now happy to add it to my limited collection of large quilts. 

About 4 years ago, I bought several different striped fabrics, one in two color ways which went into Flower POWER (see post this blog) finished last year.  The second is another under-the-sea quilt.  View From the Bowl II (Fig. 2), was created using silk organza overlay and gesso on own design.  I used the actual striped fabric "as is" in the border at the bottom.  It hangs above the tub in the guest bathroom (Fig. 3).  I think when I finish the third in this striped-fabric series I will have it out of my system...hope so anyway!

UFO 2014            6' x 8'                             Fig. 1

View From the Bowl II         27"x47"                               Fig. 2
View From the Bowl II in place      Fig.3