Thursday, June 5, 2014

Design Wall Fun

It has been a long time since I tried my hand at setting blocks from a block challenge but I recently had that opportunity through Sew Pieceful Bee, a group I joined this year to re-connect with old friends.  The blocks were made by members of the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild in Beaumont, Tx.  Figures 1-2 are two versions Dot Collins and I worked on one morning using the blocks and 6" red fabric squares provided by all of us.  I wanted to pursue an idea of using white strips in the sashing to connect to the white background of most of the blocks.  We agreed to cut the fabric squares down to 4" squares and insert random size strips.  I went a step further and created a cross block to be used at the corners again using random-sized strips (Figure 3).  I also used red fabric squares in the corners (Figure 4 and white squares in the corner (Figure 5).  Tried a group red/white diagonal row set using the variations (Figures 6-9).  My personal favorite was the last one...seemed woven.  I have no idea if any of my ideas for set/sashing will make it to a finished quilt.  I was just happy I got to play with them on the wall!

Square in Square Set                                 Fig. 1
Vertical Set 6" Block Sashing                       Fig. 2
Block Set with Irregular Size Strips and Cross-Block Sashing-Fig. 3
Block Set with Red Fabric Corners in Sashing-Fig.4
Block Set with White Fabric Corners           Fig. 5
 Diagonal Rows-White Corners                     Fig. 6
Rows-Red Corners                                         Fig. 7
Rows-Strip Corners                                       Fig. 8
Rows-Cross Corners                                     Fig. 9

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  1. Great way to make your decisions ... but I still wouldn't able to decide, I like them all!