Monday, November 25, 2013

Quilt Festival Fun 2013

Besides my annual thread purchases, including new SAQA thread, I bought two 12 x 12 pieces in the SAQA Booth, gave one away and an Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative piece which I also gave away.  I congratulate the staff of that wonderful organization who worked so diligently to reach their goal ($1 Million).  Of course, I also had to have 4 Pet Postcards (who could pick just one?) to support Friends for Life, a no-kill animal shelter and adoption center in Houston. 

The SAQA donation work I kept was made by Amira Wishinsky.   She called it Graffiti in Berlin (See Figure 1 below).  I loved the abstractness of it. It reminded me of a cartoon "speak" bubble and seemed Picasso-ish.  I rotated it right (See Figure 2).  It reminded me of a water drop and really spoke to me.  It now lives at the beach cabin.  Pet Postcards, Figures 3-6, shown below.

Graffiti in Berlin         Amira Wishinsky  12"x12"
                                                                       Fig. 1
Beach Perspective   Amira Wishinsky  12"x12"
                                                                  Fig. 2
Scratch Loves Soccer  4"x6  Wendy Butler Berns
                                                                      Fig. 3
Untitled       4"x6"       M.Bull
                                       Fig. 4
Best Friends                         4"x6"
              Maker Unknown   Fig. 5
  Jazz Cat       4"x6"     Grace Sim
                                             Fig. 6  

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