Friday, September 13, 2013

Using a Quilt Top as a Jumping Off Point to Other Creative Work

As my friends know, my work is NEVER done.  I am always "in school", playing and improvising, constructing and deconstructing, rearranging all to get from here to there.  I took an improvisational quilt top I created with the beach in mind (Figure 1) then went further and further until it had been broken down into three separate pieces of conceptual art work.

"Ike Bulls-eye" (Figure 2) was created on top of the original pieced top and became a statement about the hurricane and the kid's beach cabins, Time Bandit, which went down and out to sea during the storm in 2009 and Top Shelf, which went up in 2011.   I decided to cut out just the important parts relating to the history of the cabins then mounted each on its' own canvas (the canvasses will be mounted on white bead board to hang at Top Shelf, photo to be posted when completed).  See WIP photos "Ike" on the design wall and mounted on canvas (Figures 3 & 4).  I love the topsy-turvy view of the words as I imagine the turbulent loss of their old cabin and its rebirth in the form of the new cabin, both a direct result of the storm.

Next, I created "Whiplash" (Figure 5)  in three pieces which will be part of the SAQA Tx Exhibit called, A Texas Experience.  Finally, I assembled twenty-five 2-1/2" mismatched squares to create "Gulf Storm" (Figure 6), a back-up work for A Texas Experience. 

             Improvisational Quilt Top             Figure 1
        Ike Bullseye - Approx. 32" x 47"      Figure 2
                      Ike Work In Progress         Figure 3
             Ike WIP mounted on canvas      Figure 4
                          Whiplash - 12"x12"         Figure 5
                        Gulf Storm  - 12"x12"       Figure 6


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