Thursday, December 13, 2012

Veggie Prints

One day FiberVoices decided to play with vegetable printing.  This was so much fun.  I created several postcards and three small wallhangings.  My friend, Mary Ann, contributed this fabric from Provence for the outer border.  The background is dot-printed with a pencil eraser, rather time-consuming but fun.

Beets on Parade  17" x 24"
   Heart Healthy was created grouping scraps in a fun way.       
                              Heart Healthy         14" x 16"
My Aunt and Uncle were married 62 years. My Aunt died first and Uncle Lou followed her soon after. I created a memorial quilt to honor their life together which I summed up in two sentences. The two sentences were based on childhood experience and occured at every single meal I ever sat down to eat at their house. My mother, who was Uncle Lou's twin sister, did not share my memory. I had to verify it with my cousin who said my uncle not only did not eat salad, he ate no vegetables at all. It was all Rabbit Food to him. Once again, I was able to group square-cut, mis-matched scraps.
                                         Rabbit Food    20" x 27"

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